DeVane Carburetors

DeVane Carburetors * All Carburetors are Custom Built to YOUR application!
No two cars are the same - doesn't your car deserve a custom carburetor?!

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Every DeVane Carburetor is run and tested on a motor before shipping!  

Circle Track Specialist in Crate Motor Applications; Dirt and Asphalt

All Billet Boosters are precision checked for your application; amount of holes in our boosters range from 8 to 22 depending on your application.  


Dealer for PTC (Performance Torque Convertors)  

Calibrate and rebuild Labor $ call  (Parts NOT included)

Basic Rebuild Labor $call (Parts NOT Included) 


New Item

This new check valve kit eliminates fuel siphoning out of the squirter under hard acceleration.


500 HP 2 BBL carburetor for 602 and 604 crate motors

$call + freight


Outlaw Mini Stock ; 500cfm - complete $850.00 + freight

[features include 1.750 base plate, HP metering block,

thin throttle shaft and welded, 1/2" main body spacer]



Mini - Stock 500 cfm 2 BBL $call + freight

(not pictured)



Street Stock

with 420 & 450 Cam Rule

starting at $call

Call for more information  




Outlaw Dominator 1050,1150,1250

[features included CNC and profiled main body, HP metering blocks custom calibrated to your specs, screw in jet extensions, billet insert boosters]


Street Application Dominator

(shown with optional external linkage)

** Non CNC/profiled Dominator  **



750 IHRA or NHRA Super Stock

$call + shipping



830 Annular 

This carburetor is pictured with available Billet Base Plate, Custom Annular Booster Centers and Thin Throttle Shafts


850 Annular 1000 CFM

This Carburetor is pictured with available Billett Base Plate, Booster Centers and Stainless Butterflies and thin Throttle Shafts.


Also Available

Complete Billett Base Plate for all 4150's

(pictured with available Stainless Butterflies and Thin Throttle Linkage)

Call for price!

650 HP Crate Motor Application

For Circle Track application 602 and 604 GM Crate motors

Also available is model # 1850 - 600vac. secondary carburetor  for the 602 GM crate motor 

750 HP Street or Strip

This application is YOUR call; either Street or all out Drag Strip.

Pictured is a 750 Street for a 400 Pontiac in a Street Driven 77 Trans Am

Call for specific pricing for your application.




Custom Metering Blocks

Billet Metering Block for Gasoline Applications

This metering block offers 100% adjustability



Billet Metering Blocks for Alcohol applications

100% adjustability


HP Metering Blocks for all size carburetors - alternative to Billet Metering Blocks

Pictured above is an example of custom emulsion hole placement



1 Inch 4 Hole CNC Carburetor Spacer for Dominator Applications

$ Call for pricing