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What our customer's have to say .......................... 

Henry Renaud - Street Car  

I dropped off my carb to Robbie. 

He did his magic and brought it to my house a week later.  We installed it (with his (wife) Nicole's help) on the 33 (Factory Five Racing '33 Ford) and it did not run right.  Robbie and Nicole spent a couple of hours at my house when I decided I was going to dyno tune the car the following week. 

Robbie met me at the tuner and we played around for another couple of hours only to find out the carb was perfect - my timing was way off.  The car runs great now and I could not have done it without Robbie's help.  I was reluctant to leave the carb with him and just fill out a spec sheet., but this guy knows carbs and even taught me in the process. 

I am very happy with the outcome and the service from DeVane Carbs.


Michael Screen - Circle Track 


Just received my carb from Robbie DeVane,  a+ service. Very good service and also tech support, best hands down. Will definitely do a lot more business with DeVane.   



Want to let everyone know, if you are looking to have a carb rebuilt give Robbie a call at this guy really knows his stuff. I have spent 100s of dollars just to get junk back. You know the old saying “you get what you pay for”, I learned the hard way and with Robbie you just don't get a Great carb you get a lot more. 

 Thanks Robbie for a winning carb



Mark Yakes - Circle track 


Had a carb re-done by Robbie @ DeVane Carbs, very honest, tech support was awesome, he even called me back at 1am while I was at the race track working out a problem! Customer Service goes a long ways. If anyone needs a carb repaired, call Robbie, you will be very happy.


Ron Weaver - Drag Racing 


Anybody out there scratching their heads trying to figure out where to send their carbs, try ROBBIE DEVANE. You won't be sorry. Customer service is second to none and the work was flawless. He setup a pair of alcohol 1050's for my 598 BBC and they were awesome. If I ever need carb work again Robbie will be the guy. Thanks Robbie  


Milan Obradovich - Drag Racing 

Got a good deal on a King Demon 1095 and found it was a little "rough" out of the box. I decided to send it to Robbie and it now runs better than my 1050 Pro Sys. 9.59 to 9.66. Thanks Again Robbie 

Josh Hughes - Road Racing in Australia

Hi Robbie. Paul Hughes here, I am Josh's dad and you have just modified a 570 holley carb for Josh.  Mate, I just wanted to say a big thank you to you for the fantastic job you've done on the carb and the great follow up phone calls between you and Josh's engine builder {Allan}.  Because of your combined efforts Josh now will have a very competitive race car for 2011.  Allan has been with Josh from his go-kart days and we do it all on a shoestring budget.  It's only because of people like Allan and yourself that my son can compete in motorsport at all. 
Thank you again Robbie 
Yours Sincerely 
Paul Hughes...