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Ronny Rhodes - Ultra Street and Leaf Spring 


Robbie DeVane - 1968 Camaro BBC Stock Suspension (Leaf Spring)

(Would you think I run another carburetor?)  

  Updates underway - stay tuned ....................... :-)  


April 2010: Yes it's been along time in coming - car back on the track ............ some folks should be worried  

      New color coming soon ..............  soon can't seem to come fast enough for some folks - better be careful what they wish for 

May 2010 : New Paint done - car back at the shop. The new color is Corvette Jetstream Blue Metallic (thanks Cardinal Paint & Body)








Eugene Rodriguez  - X275 Mustang 



Troy Pirez  X275 



Check out the Video page for video of T-Flow's S10  

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Ron Weaver 



 Ron Weaver

1968 Camaro

Super Pro

598 ci BBC , Conventional Heads


Ron Weaver on Speed Talk  "Anybody out there scratching their heads trying to figure out where to send their carbs, try ROBBIE DEVANE. You won't be sorry. Customer service is second to none and the work was flawless. He setup a pair of alcohol 1050's for my 598 BBC and they were awesome. If I ever need carb work again Robbie will be the guy. Thanks Robbie" 

Milan Obradovich


 Milan Obradovich 

US41 Dragway

Oldsmobile 442


455 Olds motor

 1.426 60 (back wheels)

6.055 1/8
112.22 1/8

9.598  1/4
136.38  1/4


Matt Sears : 1st Race Win at MIR (Maryland) Real Street Shootout in the Malibu                           July 10, 2009                             Great Job on the Tree's Matt! 

Matt got the win this weekend at Maryland's MIR Real Street Shootout ! 

.066 RT 

1.28 60 foot

5.82 at 117 mph

John Sears Malibu

The Malibu has a best (so far) of 5.84 at 118 mph with a 1.31 sixty foot 

John and Matt Sears 1969 Chevelle Real Street Heads Up Drag Radial Stock Suspension

Don Shafer - 1969 Chevelle - Super Pro

Rich Perry (Big Red) & Daryl Dempsey - Sunshine Dragstrip 2008 - 6.50 Heads Up index Class

Daryl Dempsey's 1966 Nova 6.50 Heads Up 

Art Wilkinson - NHRA Super Stock 

Wayne McCormick - Super Pro