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Chad Green sets new track record 

Chad Green set the New track record May 18 2013 at The Tyler County Speedway in Middlebourne WV - People's Bank FASTRAK Late Model class. 


August 2012

Michael Screen rules his class at Oglethorpe Speedway in Georgia - August 24th found the team in the winners circle for their 4th win in a row! 


April 2012


In the second race of the season at Oglethorpe Speedway (GA) Michael Screen took 2nd and in his 2nd race of the season at Tyler County Speedway (WV) Chad Green won his heat and took an aggressive green flag start for the feature that found him put to the rear, Chad overcame one lane going black slick to take 5th in the feature. Good job guys! 



Michael Screen opened his season at Oglethorpe Speedway (Georgia) Friday March 30 with a heat race WIN and a 3rd place finish in the feature. Good Job Michael and crew! 






2012 finds DeVane Carburetors sponsoring an up and coming Crate Late Model racer Chad Green of Wendel,WV. Chad races his # 88 Rocket in the Edge Crate Series in the NE. 

Chad opened the 2012 season with a good showing at Tyler County Speedway in West Virginia. Chad started last in his heat race and fished 3rd. He went on to start 9th in the feature and finished 2nd - suffering a broken right front shock.  

He said is was very pleased with his DeVane 650 crate series carburetor - bolted it on and went racing! 

 We look forward to more good updates from Chad and his wife Amy, Jonathan Johnson (crew chief), Brad Green (tire and jackman), Charlie Green (body builder), Justin Fowler (welding and fabrication), Zach Flemming (maintenance) and Jason McDaniel (advertising). 






See the circle track customer page for more pictures.........  



Feb. 2012          South Georgia Motorsports Park

First race back with the new Car.............. it has been a long time coming and things turned out great - even with the rain and cold. 

We raced the DeVane Carburetors '68 Camaro in the Leaf Spring Shootout.

21 cars turned out for what was supposed to be a 16 car field - turned into an all run field.

1st round qualifying  Robbie laid back in the lanes and with only a couple of cars behind us he rode out a great pass at 5.06 to take the #1 spot (briefly - the next car down ran a 5.02 - good run by the MACFAB guys).  

After 3rd round qualifying Robbie was sitting in 3rd spot - the fastest Nitrous car in our class though as 1 and 2 were turbo cars.  

Saturday night we ran 1st round eliminations - Robbie was up against Greg Trotta from South Florida in his fast and clean Camaro. Robbie was able to get a better handle on the tuneup needed than Greg and ran out a big wheelstand for the win.

Sunday morning we woke to rain and more cold....... this stuff was not going to go away and even after valiant efforts by the SGMP staff the track was just not going to stay dry. The race promotor combined the class purse and divided it up between the 10 cars left in the class.

All in all it was a productive outing and we look forward to racing the 2012 season at Bradenton Motorsports Park - as of March 2012 they have included the Leafspring Shootout class in their schedule! 

 Thanks to John Fore III for some great shots of the car! John is the MAN of photography! 


2011 BLP Carburetor Shootout

December 2011 - Orlando Florida

2011 BLP Carburetor Shootout - SB Notes ............ from Mike Laws of BLP  


When I spoke to Chad Mullins about the small block; I was a little worried that it was 430”, a wet sump, and he said to turn it from 4000 to 8500 rpm. We settled on 4200-8000 rpm for the competition. We made 87 runs over 2 days, no oil change, more than a drum of fuel used, the valve covers were never removed and absolutely no maintenance was done (as per Chad’s instructions.) The first full baseline/trendline run that we made on Saturday morning had an average acceleration rate of 632.5 rpm/sec. The final baseline/trendline run made on Sunday night had an acceleration rate of 632.6 rpm/sec. The highest was 635.1 and the lowest was 628.4. (Variance due to weather.) 

The primaries had no provision for 0-2’s, so only the 2 collectors were used for afr’s. This made tuning on the s/b ‘more comfortable’ as the individual characteristics of each cylinder were not in play.

Neither of the Dominator carburetors were in the top-3 after the first round (ootb pull and 3 full pulls) of the s/b shootout. It was only after the run-off (1 short pull, 1 full pull) was voted in and completed that the Dominator entries of Mark Whitener and AED went on to the win and r/up.

Karsten from KB Carburetion made a spectacular recovery from his OOTB run. The VP oxygenated fuel specified by Chad Mullins proved to be challenging for some, particularly those with no experience running it. Karsten had arranged for a dyno session using the VP fuel on a similar engine prior to the shootout; but technical issues prevented the test. Rightly so; Karsten had the carb tune on the rich side; however it was VERY rich. “Shooting ducks” would be a kind description of his first pull. Karsten never hesitated though. He briefly studied the data (while mumbling something about oxygenated fuel) then went into the dyno cell & changed jets, air bleeds and who knows what else. Karsten then came back into the control room and said; “let’s go”. Having made a safe but slow ootb run; this would now be a full pull. The engine sounded like someone uncrossed several plug wires and Karsten’s score immediately improved. He made some minor changes from there to a very competitive finish. 


There was another behind the scenes moment that is worth mentioning. Robbie DeVane entered the s/b shootout only and spent a lot of time on his 4150 entry prior to the contest. Robbie’s runs (made on Saturday) were less than spectacular and there was also a linkage-problem on his carb during his runs. His performance did not get him into the Elite-8 on Sunday; however after his runs on Saturday; Robbie drove back to his shop about 60 miles away in order to diagnose and fix the problem. He showed back up on Sunday (with his carburetor) to watch the finals. After the final baseline run was made; Robbie asked if we would mind bolting his carb to the manifold to see if the binding issue could be replicated and perhaps make 1 run. [Note: The linkage worked fine when opened & closed by hand; however when the cable and mount were secured; the throttle would bind up.] We fiddled with it for a few minutes and worked out a way for the throttle to work as it should. We were actually ahead of schedule; so we granted Robbie’s request for 1 run that was off the record. His run would have easily made the Elite-8 and was very, very strong. Robbie was happy about the run but upset about the linkage issues. His wife, Nikki was the happiest in the house though and cannot wait for next year’s shootout. 

As mentioned before; the s/b shootout was highly competitive. The lead changed hands often; however due to the trendline scoring – no one knew the results until after the final baseline run on Sunday night.

A few numbers to ponder that are not trendline-corrected:

Time difference from 1-8 after the 1st round = .055 seconds.
Time difference from 1-8 after the run-off = .083 seconds.

Average e.t. per run = approximately 6.5 seconds. 

B/B shootout notes will follow...


BLP Products 


Even if you are not in the US Robbie can help you with your carburetor needs - gone international - check out the INTERNATIONAL CUSTOMERS page  


New Decals are done - thanks to Good Guys Signs here in Tampa, FL



Robbie has found a way to do repairs to and improve the performance of the Race Demon. 

Most other carburetor builders will not be able to help you with repairs needed to your Race Demon - you need help this more today than  ever before since BG has gone out of business.  If you are like most people you have a carburetor and just it tweeked you don't want to buy a whole new carburetor - Robbie can help. 

Pictured below (left) is a footbrake Olds with a reconditioned Race Demon and (right) recently re-calibrated / rebuilt  Race Demon for a BBC.