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Henry Renaud - Florida USAF - '33 Ford 

This is a Factory Five Racing 33 Ford with a 1953 Mercury Flathead and Weiand Blower. 

Soon to be featured on 2 Guys Garage as well as in Hot Rod and possibly Super Chevy magazine. 

Customer service is always part of DeVane Carburetors - if you are in the area Robbie will make time to help you out.

We spent about 2 hours at Henry's home helping with the new Blower setup - Henry is a self confessed "Fuel Injection Guy"  

(see the "Customer Feedback" tab for more from Henry)  





Dave Kubert - California - 68 SBC Camaro


The Forum Wars Episode 5 - Car Videos on StreetFire (Click here for link to the Episode)
This time a 68 Chevy Camaro takes on a 67 Mustang - StreetFire
Robbie not only did the carburetor for Dave he also did the intake work. 


John Beville- Florida - Mud Truck

Scott Bartlett - Tampa,Fl. - 1940 Willys

406 with a 8-71 Blower ; (2) 750 carburetors

Kenny Fowble 400 Pontiac with 750 HP daily driver- Tampa, FL.


Daryl Dempsey's 1966 6.50 Index Nova 400 SB - Tampa,Fl.


This is a rework of a CSU carb by Robbie DeVane for Daryl Dempsey's 6.50 heads up index car.

Time pick up off the trailer was 1/10th

John Sears 1971 Z 28 Camaro - Florida / Virginia 


Kirk Mayo  - Loma Linda, California

750 Street Warrior